Your Passport to a Joyful Journey with Business Success

An Exclusive Online Webinar hosted by Joyce White Nelson
Innovative Business Strategist | National Educator | Global Networker 

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Hello Friends and Colleagues,

What is success to you? Is it a title, dollars in the bank and prestigious job, or is it spending quality time with your loved ones, mentoring employees at work, volunteering, starting your first company, learning a new skill such as playing the piano, completing your first triathlon or leaving a legacy to the world?  It is essential to consistently consider what success looks like for you in the short and long term.  This will become your purpose  and ultimately your inspiration for your decision making, your reason for doing what you do and Your Passport to Joy with Business Success

  • 07:30 PM - CDT

Here’s What You’ll Learn on The Day

This journey will begin with knowing where you want to go and why.  Next, we will explore the logistics and find out what we need to learn, and practice.  Lastly, we will be the returns; processing what we found out about ourselves and business to develop partnerships and a plan of action. 

Why  your purpose and passion essential to success 
Your defined outcomes determine your destination 
"It does not take long to see that Joyce has a passion and a true conviction for excellence. I recommend Joyce in a heart-beat to anyone wanting to better themselves and their business. Her expertise, insights and large network of resources for strategic business development will set you ahead in business and in life. Some people are polished, Joyce just shines brilliantly."  ~Tom Braatz Commercial Broker 
How ommunication with yourself and others is the key
How to use your intended outcomes as your roadmap to daily action. 
"One of the things that really stood out about Joyce is that she really cares about the success of her clients. She goes out of her way to PROACTIVELY find ways to help people. She is a phenomenal networker who either knows the people you want to meet or will know someone who knows them. The other key element that Joyce brings to the business world is her passion. So if you have an opportunity to work with her or hire her, you'll be delighted with the results." ~Rick Itzkowich  VISTAGE CHAIR